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Why Choose Us: Add Value to Your Home in Michigan with Concrete Renovation

Guarantee on all concrete renovation and resurfacing projects

We provide Grade A materials and practiced on all projects

Specialists in Concrete renovation and Resurfacing

Specializing in advanced custom designs

Up to date with the new ideas and latest technologies

Fully equipped with advanced machinery to manage all associated tasks

We don’t use sub-contracting of any projects

We have got some amazing portfolio of projects successfully completed in the past

Exclusive modern stylish color range

Don’t just trust any other driveway concrete renovation or resurfacing companies who can mislead and quote you unfair prices, and even the confuse you with ample solutions and design with their most basic services. Set in Stone LLC  is the name you should look forward as the entire team of Concrete renovations Macomb is unbeatable and also know the value for money. Right! Solutions, trust, creative design and dependable, honest services- Contact us today!

Welcome to Designer Concrete Renovation

For quality workmanship, you can trust our experienced and skilled Concrete renovations  St. Clair  professionals as they have extensive years of workmanship and backed by industry experience. Definitely, our wide range of services will assist you to develop the look you are dreaming about your project but failed to manage due to increasing property value and securing the perfect for your dollar. Don’t worry! Our product of Set in Stone LLC  is a non slip spray, design to deliver a highly durable and stain resistant over a concrete. We practice the optimum quality concrete coating, as the results are very important to observe- neater and easier to manage, durable, and hold long-lasting impact than any other paving, wet stencil tiles.

No matter how tiny or big the project  may be, when it’s a matter of concrete renovation or any concrete driveway repair our valued clients  can trust the skill and experience of our professional team of Concrete renovations Sanilac.

Set in Stone LLC is the go-to name for the Concrete renovations Oakland and across Michigan, with our professional applying the advanced techniques and tools to deliver effective and efficient long-term solutions regarding concrete renovations and resurfacing for both residential as well as commercial projects.

Located in Sydney, Set in Stone LLC is dedicated to delivering the highest quality workmanship pertaining to concrete renovation and uncompromising standards of quality and excellence. The team of Concrete renovations Macomb has always been raising the bar in aesthetics, performance, and affordability in the concrete renovation and resurfacing industry within the region of Michigan.


Very Durable


Easy To Maintain/Clean

Hides Unwanted Marks/Stains

Many Available Color Combinations/Design Possibilities

Areas Where This Process Can Be Used and Developed By Our Concrete Renovations Oakland