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Often, we have seen a window on the sloping roof, termed as a dormer. The dormer has got its own designed window shade or roof, which is mostly arched, flat, pointed, hipped or ornamented. Comes in many shapes and sizes, Dormers adds an architectural detail to the entire layout of the house and thus, select Dormers Oakland designers carefully while adding them.

What Types of Dormer Window we can suggest for your layout?

Shed Dormer

With a sloped single flat plane designed roof, a shed dormer has got the layout in the same direction at a shallower angle, as per the roofline.

Gabled Dormer

Considered to be the most common kind of design, a gable-fronted dormer design is the type of dormer window, designed traditionally as an elegant pitched roof, just sloping to two directions (slopes). Our expert of Dormers Oakland suggests these, if you have got space to install as it is a vertical frame that supports the planes to develop a design of triangular section, just below the roofline.

Hipped Dormer

If you consider a hip roof dormer design, the design of the slopes is directed on three planes but converges in one direction.

Eyebrow Dormer

With a design of a curved roof and possibly absence of the eye brow, or eyelid dormer or styles, the design gradually emerges. With the said design, the roof gets to move up and just over the dormer, you can experience a flattened bell curve, again you need an expert to build such design.

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Tips to Consider

With contemporary and younger residential space, however, the reverse design is often be the case. Usually, the classic example of the dormer is the roof that is built at the front of a semi-detached pair. On the other hand, it looks more awful if the dormer on one side may well develop a look to be a visual disaster or imbalance and erase the entire aesthetic of the project. Of course, there is a lot of planning permission, which is needed to grant for developing such a design.

  • Make the dormer structure an integral part of the design. Always get the best professionals of Dormers Sanilac, and try to explore a style that suits the entire design of the house.
  • Try to avoid adding extra feature without any consideration or design — that is also termed as ‘stick-on features’
  • Often, boxy-design or over-large dormers don’t look good and will result in an ugly impact and finish as the entire design just overpower the rest of the residence.

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