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Our Excavation Service Include:



Site Benching

Bulk Excavations

Detailed Excavations

Detailed Excavation specialists

Driveway and Footpath Removal

Rock Saw and Hammer Excavation

Tight Access Excavation specialists

Bulk Excavation

Land Clearing and Landfill

Debris Collection Service

Pool Excavation & Removal

Footings and Peering

Tree Removal & Uprooting

Sub grading and Compacting

Tight Access Excavations

Concrete and Soil Removal

Excavation Contractors Serving Michigan: Why Choose Us

Our professionals of Excavation contractor Macomb take pride in a flawless reputation for providing unbeatable customer service and high-quality jobs.

We bring a fresh, young and innovative approach to every project while maintaining the aesthetics and tried-and-tested old school codes and principles.

​Safety is foremost for our team of Excavation contractor Sanilac and we keep a constant commitment to deliver safety of the surroundings, our clients as well as members of the public while performing the respective series of the procedure.

​Contact us anytime- Our expert guides are available at short at notice. We are able to assist and provide useful tips with last-minute projects.







Excavation services and Civil Works: Highly Recommended Excavation Company In Michigan

Set in Stone LLC specializes in all kinds of ground surfacing, excavation and civil works. Our team of Excavation contractor Oakland offers professional Excavation as well as equipped earthmoving services for both Commercial Construction projects and Residential sites across Michigan. We are known as the leading excavation company, as we use bespoke excavation machinery and equipment for every proposed project. Hence, we are popular for our timely completion, professional approach and guaranteed quality work of approach of all our projects.


About Us

Highly Recommended Excavation Contractor in Michigan

Excavations in Michigan

Set in Stone LLC is a company that prides itself on detailed professional service, hard work and great successful outcomes. With over years of experience in residential and commercial detailed excavation, we have secured a reputation of authentic result and quality work. We specialize in performing under deadlines, be it basement excavation work or tight access excavation all across Michigan Regions.


A Trusted Excavation Company

When it comes to bulk excavation services, the residents or property owners do understand the significance of selecting a trusted company to perform the work.  We are the authentic excavating company with Excavation contractor Sanilac expert team that focuses on delivering top-quality services and estimated results in a timely manner.


The professional attitude is all, and thus, the end result must reflect expertise and professionalism.  Apply your own judgment, and try us- We never fail you!



There are some civil excavation contractors that charge unimaginably. The primary thing is the specifications that define the entire budget, and thus, our team of Excavation contractor Macomb focuses on providing quality work at an affordable price.



Finally, you need to ensure that they offer comprehensive services. Some excavating companies will only focus on a certain special area of excavating. It is a good idea to find a company that has expertise in the industry in various types of excavations.