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  • ​​Product is available through conventional means
  • Cost-effective way to renovate or improve a home
  • Single mortgage means lower costs and typically a lower interest rate on a first mortgage 
  • ​Loan amount based on "as-completed" value of the home or cost-basis (purchase money loans) whichever is less
  • Borrowers can qualify for CLTV of up to 105% with eligible Community Seconds®

      Set In Stone is a full service construction company that has been in business since 2009. We specialize in all forms of Financed Renovation Products, as well as remodeling and construction. We are a 203K certified firm. We can manage your new construction or renovation project from beginning to end. In addition, we offer full service restoration services and insurance claim settling. Set In Stone is a licensed lead and asbestos abatement contractor and also offers mold remediation services.

Financed renovation products

Half Bath
Full Bath
Finished Basement
Addition (First Floor)
Dormer (Second Floor)
Service Upgrade (Electrical)  
Roof Replacement
Driveway Replacement (Concrete) 
Vinyl Siding
Window & Door Replacement (Entire House) 
Replace Flooring (Entire House)
Paint Entire House (Interior)
Paint Entire House (Exterior)

License# 2102209559


"For your business or home, it must be Set In Stone"

A 203K loan is a renovation mortgage. This type of loan gives the home-buyer freedom to purchase and create a home that is their own. This loan is backed by the federal government with competitive rates. A 203K consultant is highly recommended for a Streamline 203K. This keeps all scopes of work in order and creates less stress for the home-buyer.

Set In Stone Guide to Close

Standardized Construction Pricing


Set In Stone Guidelines

    Vice President - Gerod Chapple

Phone: (586) 567-5653

Gerod Chapple - Sellers License #2105209719

RRP - Lead Certified - Set In Stone #NAT-F152541-1

"For your business or home, it must be Set In Stone!"

- Streamline 203K

  • Allows the home buyer the opportunity for additional $35K towards repairs and renovations
  • Recommended for small projects that do not require structural repairs
  • Streamlined process makes future plans trouble-free
  • Consultants are not required but recommended

License# 2102209559
State of Michigan, License# 21012055176
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), License Sa-02444

Marketing Manager - Greg Amyot

Phone: (586) 212-5539

Site Manager - General Contractor

Lead Certified# - R-I-19167-15-00519

  • Must provide written plan of work and cost estimates.
  • Must provide type of repairs and how they will be completed along with cost. 
  • Contractor must have a written agreement confirming the completion of the work, cost estimate and time allowed.
  • Contractor must obtain all permits and complete approved renovations in accordance with state and local buildings codes.
  • Contractor must be licensed, insured, bond and 203K/FHA/HUD approved for all affected scopes of work.

Owner / President - Edward Amyot

Phone: (586) 994-6969 

Edward Amyot - Contractors License #2101205516

Residential Builder Company - License #2102209559

- Full 203K Loan

  • Product available through VA, FHA & Conventional
  • Given to properties in need of structural or complex repairs
  • Two different ways to determine how much money will be allowed
  • Up to six months of your mortgage can be financed and used towards temporary residence
  • 203K consultant required​

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