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The most significant approaches performed over historic buildings by our team are strictly followed according to the Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties U.S. set by the Secretary of the Interior’s, and they are:

Preservation: For the project that requires high premium preservation for saving the historic fabric of the old project or building with the help of maintenance, conservation and repair. For the need for optimum maintenance and care, the property must be preserve frequently, and through successive users, over the time. Our team of Historical rehab and remodeling Sanilac performs respectful changes and needed alterations that have to be developed for the concerned project.
Rehabilitation: In terms of retention and repair of any historic project, our team of Historical rehab and remodeling Oakland, emphasize more on research and invest more latitude for replacement. Often, such projects are more worn out and assumed to be more in worse shape before the task begins.
Restoration: We always focus on managing all the materials collected from restorative property and also, we strive to maintained historical significance.  In respect to the lifespan of the property, we employ heritage skilled employees to preserve the past.
Reconstruction: With a team of skilled restoration specialists, we establish and re-create the non-surviving site, historic-projects, building, landscape, or structure with all new materials. 

 Selecting an appropriate treatment is crucial for performing any standard approaches for a historic landscape and building.  Set in Stone LLC ensures the authentic choice of treatment that solely depends on notable factors, which include the physical condition, historical significance of the property, intended interpretation and proposed use.

Craftsmen in the Repair and Conversation in Historic Buildings

 Considered as a labor-of-love, the historical restoration is a type of building construction, which needs to follow guidelines and codes from historic preservation.  Set in Stone LLC is the renowned service contractor, specialized in delivering high-end, contemporary, strong architectural design. You can trust us as our experts in Historical rehab and remodeling Oakland deliver impressive results to your old vintage building.


Restored to Holistic Glory: Specialists Historical rehab and remodeling Macomb Contractors

Our high-quality endeavors are always estimated cautiously by the team of  Historical rehab and remodeling Macomb. With an immensely impressive work records across Michigan, the expertise and professionalism of our Historical rehab and remodeling St.Clair team ensure historical conservation with optimum configuration and an unparalleled high standard observed in cathedrals,  churches, stately homes, monuments, and any heritage buildings.

Types of historic preservation construction work

For Historical rehab and remodeling St. Clair, you need to depend on promising guidance, and rely on the professionals. In Set in Stone LLC, we have our team of experts that include engineers, architects, historians, archeologists, architectural historians, project managers, general contractors, and others. Our professionals of Historical rehab and remodeling Sanilac specialize in the rehabilitation, preservation and restoration of historic properties.