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Are You Ready To Get Started? Attain your Dream Home and Extension Service with Us

Certainly, Remodeling a residential space is a considerable undertaking. However, a well-planned design and perfect home addition layout will pay for itself time and again. Of course, the owners can raise their home’s value by extending its square footage as an impressive home addition can maximize investment.  Hence, choose the ideal materials and information to enhance your home’s aesthetics and value.

Collaborate with our home additions St. Clair team for your home addition and see the miracle as we are expert in procuring space and add space as per you style and specification by building up or off of your present home design. To suite to any addition, there are diversified kinds of rooms you can add to your existing space: home:

New bathroom

Master suite

Bigger kitchen

Sun room

Family room


Secondary Story Addition

Master bedroom

And more!


Planning Guide: Browse Home Addition Tips

Get tips from our home additions Sanilac and for adding square footage to your home, from designing a new space to hiring the right contractors.

Select your addition Style

Phase 1: Explore all the possible options

If you want more space, an addition is always not the answer to call. Contact our team of home additions Oakland experts and get your major renovation done. Try these steps out:

  • Get the layouts
  • Questions that fit your needs

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Phase 2: Plan your build

Our professionals of home additions Sanilac are skilled in delivering additional space in any direction and in whatever, shape or size. Always consider the purpose of the project and design a useful space that defines suitability for you. Explore the steps further with:

  • Bumping out
  • Talk about your demolition strategy
  • Best place to arrange

Phase 3: Select materials

At Set in Stone LLC, our skilled engineers participate in developing original addition from your existing structure. Contact us and get expert tips for extending the project, such as original roof, foundation or selecting the finishes and other associated operational systems. Choose the materials wisely:

  • Utilities and Systems
  • Materials and Finishes
  • Designing a layout for roof addition
  • Blending an addition
  • Selecting a window

Phase 4: Complete the project

The developments of the addition layout will always a major decision to make, and so, always collaborate with specialized professional of home additions Oakland to complete your project, as we aim to focus on:

  • Assembling the best team of home additions St. Clair
  • Overseeing construction
  • Managing expectations

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Remember, for your home project, you are supposed to contact the trusted and reliable expert. Thus, don’t be shocked or dishearten if their reviews, ideas or suggestions alter and different that your initial plan. Of course, we are sure and confident about our potential- call us and get your assessment from us as it is vital, and get it verified in projects like yours.