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Crafted with Love: The best Kitchens remodeling in Oakland

Set in Stone LLC has built a strong and reliable reputation in delivering innovative and quality designer kitchens across Michigan. Our Kitchens remodeling Oakland experts will collaborate with you, starting from the inception of the project till completion, attaining the desirable and optimum outcome for your dream kitchen renovation.

We have licensed Kitchens remodeling St. Clair  contractors, suppliers, renovators and builders with extensive knowledge and expertise in any size kitchen makeover, remodeling and renovating projects.

Kinds of Kitchens we install: Kitchen Build and Installation

Set in Stone LLC can build the kitchen of your dream and install diversified ranges of the kitchen to complete and design your entire kitchen renovation project that includes:

Laminate Kitchens

Modern Polyurethane Kitchens

Vacuum Formed Kitchen Cabinets

Outdoor Kitchens Alfresco

Modern Timber Kitchens

Custom Do It Yourself Kitchen


Kitchens remodeling Macomb: Kitchen Renovations

The experts of Set in Stone LLC offers affordable renovations across Michigan home owners, and services include:

Design Service and Custom Made Joinery

Complete range of Kitchen Renovations

Full Range of Building and Kitchen Services available

Competitive Pricing of Kitchen Appliances

Colour Advice by our qualified Kitchens remodeling St. Clair Interior Designers

We provide licensed builders as well as experienced Project Manager Supervision for every project

Kitchens remodeling Macomb: Advice by Qualified Interior Designers


Set in Stone LLC has established a strong repute in delivering a complete kitchen renovation solution across Michigan. Our team of expert Kitchens remodeling Sanilac can suggest you on the best possible solution and design for your home irrespective  of the kitchen layout you are contemplating.


Why US? Contemporary Kitchen Design

Experienced Professional team

Our experienced teams of professionals have been continuously serving residents of Michigan for several years. They assist them to design and craft the kitchen of their dreams. Whatever your requirements with the small kitchen, medium or big needs, our Kitchens remodeling Sanilac experts help with your every kitchen renovation in Michigan or assistance for developing a brand new and innovative kitchen. For a prompt response, call right away Set in Stone LLC on (02) 9757 4400

Use of Premium Materials for Kitchen Renovation

Set in Stone LLC provides contemporary and high-quality kitchen materials to develop kitchen renovation Michigan. It includes a numerous attractive, useful, durable and stylish kitchen benchtops, such as granite, laminate and quartz kitchen benchtops. Our aim is to design highly-functional kitchen appliances, elegant and ultra-modern branded kitchen sinks, premium doors, stunning kitchen splashbacks and custom kitchens.

Kitchen Build & Installation

Our professional experts complete your project at all stages, right from designing your kitchen to the making of cabinetry and Installation. Our high-quality and optimum functional custom kitchen cabinetry is developed under complete control over every step of kitchen renovation and brand new kitchen designing projects.

Complete Renovation Services

We always strive to deliver Laminate, Polyurethane, Shaker Door, Polytec or Timber Veneer. All of our designed-kitchens are developed custom made and consist of quality features.