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PHIL Amyot

Superintendent / General Contractor

Carpenter / Abatement Coordinator

Phone: (586) 231-0095 / ATTN Phil.

Lead Cert# R-I-19167-15-00519.

Greg Amyot

Sales Consultant / General Contractor

Phone: (586) 231-0095 / ATTN Greg.

Lead Cert# R-I-19167-15-00519.

License# 2102209559
State of Michigan, License# 21012055176
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), License Sa-02444

JOhn Zeller

Superintendent / General Contractor


Phone: (586) 231-0095 / ATTN John.

Lead Cert# R-I-19167-15-00519.

gerod chapple

VP / Sales / Estimates / Site Manager / General Contractor

Phone: (586) 231-0095

License# L768796.

Lead Cert# R-I-19167-15-00514.

Asbestos Contractor / Supervisor# A47666.

40hr OSHA.

Meet the team

Molly amyot

Office Greeter

5 years experience 

License# 2102209559

Edward Amyot

President / CEO of Set In Stone.

General Contractor / Site Manager.

Phone: 586-994-6969

License# 2102209559.

License# 2101205516.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), License Sa-02444.

Asbestos Contractor / Supervisor# A47393.

State of Michigan, License# 21012055176.

Lead Cert# NAT-F152541-1.