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When it comes to depending on the residential builders for residential construction, design or building proposal or develop your very first new home- you must prepare to find the best, and a few theories into consideration, including;

How long they’ve been in the business of residential construction

Are these builders a ‘factory style’ professional, or can you rely upon to personalise your home

Level of experience, expertise and reliability

Whether they’re known and local to the area

Industry Experience Ethics, Core values and Licensed

Price as well as value for money provided

Kinds of homes and designs they specialise in

The project completion (from start to finish)

Why Choose Set in Stone LLC?

As a trusted residential builder in Michigan, we have designed and built many stylish and beautiful homes in the area.

We are renowned for building high-quality standards on every job

We offer end-to-end design and construction solutions

We deliver the project on time and budget

With a proven and constant track record in project management

Superior construction



Set in Stone LLC is the expert who creates the best home for you- the multi-award winning custom luxury Residential Builder Sanilac and across Michigan. Our team of craftsmen and designers collaborate with you to discuss, design and construct a project- home that’s uniquely yours. We are the premier and renowned Residential Builder Sanilac, specialising in quality homes. Whether it is a simple, exquisite design, single story, luxury home or a duplex, we construct classic, functional, comfortable and modern designs, which are perfect fit for your budget and for the size and shape of your land. Each of our clients is special and has unique requirements, and so, we try to draw out that their homes should reflect their individuality. At, Set in Stone LLC, we have a skilled and highly-experienced team of Residential Builder Macomb who are experts at building beautiful, designing and one-of-a-kind home.

WELCOME TO A BETTER HOME BUILDING EXPERIENCE- We’re Residential Builder Macomb specialising in building quality homes

The Residential Builder Oakland professionals of Set in Stone LLC can deliver excellent solutions for a numerous range of proposed design properties such as apartments, two and three-story homes, penthouse, townhouses and lake or beachfront homes. Whether you’re thinking to build a home to make an investment or develop for your growing family by constructing a brand new premium residential property in Michigan, Set in Stone LLC can help to complete your project. Our Residential Builder Oakland team of specialist are passionate about every home construction. They will take thorough care and responsibilities of the entire project, starting from the initial consultation, inception right through complete build, including:


  Documentations and permits

  Lot preparation


Our Expertise: Built to Last for Lifetime

High quality interior design

Luxury homes with custom design

High-end building with contemporary design construction

Two and three storey homes

Home extension, Reconstruction and renovations

Restoration and Rebuilding of period homesraph here.